Bevel Helical Gearbox / Gear Reducer

SITI Helical and Bevel-Helical gearboxes and gear motors provide a wide power range, high efficiency, and proven durability that reduces downtime and maintenance costs. 

Inline helical NHL series gearboxes and gear motors from SITI, combine high efficiency, flexible design, and a wide range of ratios with maximum reliability in a wide variety of applications and industries. The MNHL/NHL Series includes 10 sizes, in 2, 3, or 4 reduction stages. It has the option of 3 input versions and 4 output versions.

Right-angle bevel-helical gearboxes and gear motors from SITI, keep efficiency high and reliability while fitting into compact spaces. The MBH/BH Series’ durable cast iron design meets the demands of heavy-duty applications of all types. It is available in 9 sizes, a wide range of ratios, and has 4 input versions and 4 output versions.

Off-set parallel helical gearboxes from SITI combine the efficiency and reliability of an inline helical, with the benefit of shaft mounting. SITI offers two different designs for helical shaft mount designs. Both provide a wide range of ratios, in a variety of sizes, output flanges or torque arm, and the option of an internal backstop, to meet the needs of industrial applications.


  •  Compact & Light Weight

  • Highly Efficient

  • Long Bearing Life

  • Interchangeable

  • Flexible Design


  • Up to 10 Sizes

  • Inline & Right Angle Inputs

  • Shaft Mount or Solid Shaft

  • Foot or Flange Mount


  • Input Power = 0.25-390 HP

  • Output Torque = 787 – 123,900 lb. inch

  • Ratios = 7:1 – 226:1


  • Packaging

  • Water Treatment

  • Forest Products

  • Material Handling

  • Pumps

  • Crane & Hoist



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