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An industrial gear reducer is a mechanical system of gears set up so that the speed of the input can be slowed down while the power of the output stays the same. An industrial gear reducer works by connecting a set of rotating gears to a shaft at high speed. This shaft is then attached to another set of rotating gears, where the speed or torque is changed. Gearbox final speed and torque are based on the motor capacity and ratio of the gearbox.

Pokhara Motors is a prominent provider of industrial gear reducers for industrial applications. Our gear reducers are Italian-made with reliable quality and durability. Whether you need a two-stage or three-stage reduction gearbox, we have the ideal solution for your specific application needs. We have a range of worm, helical, parallel shaft, and shaft-mounted gears. These gear drives are simple to install and ensure seamless operation, a long lifespan, low noise, and minimal maintenance.

Key attributes:

  • Effortless Operation
  • High-quality bronze and alloy die-cast gear
  • Extremely precise worm gear and worm shaft
  • Simple installation and linkage with high-effectiveness
  • Outstanding mechanical strength

Industrial Gear Reducer in dubai, uae

Gear reducer setup

In an industrial gearbox, the transmission components are supported and housed by the cast iron housing in helical and Aluminum housing in light application worm gears. The body of the transmission is under pressure and must have excellent rigidity, vibration damping, and sealing.

The input shaft, output shaft, and internal gear unit are the key elements of industrial gear reducers. Our gearbox SITI and ATLAS are designed for long durability. These are important transmission components so these components necessitate excellent mechanical properties for gear shafts and gear teeth. It should have excellent abrasion resistance and high strength because it is subject to larger contact and tensile stresses. For single-piece production, medium carbon steel is formed by the free forging method or tire die forging method. It can also be formed by turning medium carbon round steel rods. For mass production, it is formed by die forging with medium carbon steel.

End bearings and oil seals

The primary purpose of the bearing is to ease rotation without transferring a direct load to the gears, and a high-quality oil seal prevents gears from leaking.

How Gear Reducers Work

Reduction gears are essential industrial parts and they are available at Pokhara Motors, UAE, and Pokhara Motors, Qatar. Users may find it by googling industrial gear reducers in Dubai, UAE, industrial gear reducers in Qatar, and industrial gear reducers in Saudi Arabia. These gearboxes are used for diverse applications. Such as agitators, conveyors, rolling conveyors, belt conveyors, and feeding machines. An industrial gear reducer comprises a large gear that is positioned alongside a smaller gear, with both gears turning simultaneously.

In the end, gear reducers are the key element for industries. Motors and gearboxes are prime movers for industries. So finding the best quality gears and motors is crucial. Pokhara is providing the best quality gearbox in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other GCC countries.

Industrial Gear Reducer in dubai, uae
Industrial Gear Reducer in Dubai, UAE