Food Grade (SS316L) Gear Pumps

SS Gear Pump mainly consists of gear, shaft, pump body, safety valve, shaft end seal, and other parts. After heat treatment, the gear has high hardness and strength, and is installed in the replaceable shaft sleeve to operate together with the shaft. The lubrication of all parts of the pump is achieved automatically when the pump works with the transmission medium. Stainless steel gear pumps in high sanitary conditions, such as medicine, food, and other industries;In weak corrosive occasions, such as fine chemical, cosmetics, printing and dyeing, brewing industry.

Food Grade Gear Pumps


Food-grade pumps in the UAE are designed to transmit consumable products between processes without exposing them to the pump's mechanisms or other outside exposure. Due to their smooth pumping, these standard food-grade pumps transfer substances delicately without altering their consistency

High-viscosity food-grade pumps, such as stainless steel food-grade pumps, are not restricted to the culinary industry alone. For use in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries, these high-quality pumps are designed to adhere to exacting hygienic standards. The sanitary pumps provided by Pokhara Motors are adaptable to various applications. Discover what distinguishes food-grade gear pumps supplied by Pokhara Motors from the competition:

There are stringent requirements for food gear pumps, so not only the seals but the entire pump must be sanitary. The pump is constructed from AISI 316L stainless steel and refined to a high standard.

A certification from the FDA or EHEDG will corroborate that a pump meets hygienic requirements when it is purchased. Considering this, it is essential to note that even though FDA-approved seals are present on the pumps, if the rest of the pump is not certified, it renders them unhygienic and unsuitable for food-grade applications.


This SS food-grade gear pump for food processing has set the highest performance standards in the industry and offers solutions for a vast array of demanding applications. Completely machined to achieve a compact design while delivering the reliability and dependability essential to food processing, the gearbox is the heart of the machine.

SS food-grade gear pumps mainly consist of a gear, shaft, pump body, safety valve, shaft end seal, and other elements. The food gear pumps are installed in the replaceable shaft sleeve to operate in conjunction with the shaft after undergoing thermal treatment to increase its hardness and strength. All pump components are automatically lubricated when the pump operates with a transmission medium. Stainless steel gear pumps are used in highly hygienic conditions, such as in the pharmaceutical, food, and other industries, and weakly corrosive conditions, such as in the fine chemical, cosmetics, printing, dying, and brewing industries.


To ensure that food-grade gear pumps in Dubai, UAE are hygienic enough to come into contact with food and beverages, the design and selection of materials are crucial. It can appear intricate, but there are several standards and certifications to ensure that you purchase a food-grade pump. The standards and certifications guarantee that the pump and its components satisfy stringent hygienic standards.

Gear Pump in dubai, uae


The cleansing procedure for the food-grade pump is another essential part. Typically, a food-grade pump's material surfaces are polished, making them simpler to clean. Additionally, the pump should be constructed without any concealed areas where bacterial growth can occur, as this can cause contamination and halt production.

A food-grade pump should be simple to disassemble and reassemble to facilitate inspection and drainage. Food-grade gear pumps in the UAE are specifically designed for Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP), which increase the efficiency of cleansing.

Multiple bodies, standards, and certifications guarantee the safe handling of compressed food and beverages. Pokhara Motors, a major food-grade gear pump supplier, has years of experience in hygienic pumping and will gladly assist you in selecting a food pump for your particular use. Please contact us, and we will provide more information!