Gear Pumps

Gear pumps stand out as indispensable pieces of equipment in industries across the world. Companies across various sectors rely on gear pumps to transport high-viscosity fluids, including oils, paints, resins, and food products. Furthermore, these pumps are crucial in applications that demand precise dosing or high-pressure output. To ensure seamless operations, businesses across diverse industries must prioritize the use of high-quality and reliable gear pumps, including food-grade gear pumps. The same is true for Dubai-based enterprises. However, it is essential to buy gear pumps in Dubai, UAE, only from reputable suppliers.

What are Gear Pumps?

Gear pumps are a form of positive displacement pump that moves fluids through the meshing of gears. They comprise two gears that rotate in opposite directions: an outer driving gear and an inner driven gear. As the gears mesh, a sealed chamber captures and transfers fluid from the inlet to the outlet. This design provides consistent and accurate flow rates, making gear pumps ideal for applications in which precision and dependability are paramount.

Gear Pump in dubai, uae

Operating Principle

Two precisely machined gears comprise the core of a gear pump: one driven gear (typically the larger one) and one driven gear (the smaller one). These gears rotate in opposing directions, thereby synchronizing their movement. As they interlock, a hermetic chamber is formed on the suction side, which expands to draw in fluid. As the gears continue to rotate, this chamber diminishes, causing the fluid to be displaced to the discharge side. This positive displacement action guarantees a consistent and stable flow rate.

Types of Gear Pumps

There are mainly two types of gear pumps, namely:

  • Internal gear pumps

  • External gear pumps

Benefits of Gear Pumps

Gear pumps deliver a uniform fluid flow, allowing for precise measurement and transfer of liquids or viscous substances.

They are renowned for their efficiency and can easily manage fluids with a high viscosity.

The compact and space-saving design of gear pumps makes them suitable for installations with limited space.

With few moving elements, gear pumps are long-lasting and require little maintenance.

These pumps can manage various fluids, ranging from thin chemicals to heavy oils.

Gear Pump Applications in Dubai, UAE

Gear Pump in dubai, uae

Gear pumps in Dubai, UAE, are widely used in various processes, such as:

  • Manufacturing processes for lubrication, hydraulic systems, and fluid transfer.

  • Conveying and measuring oils, fuels, and other fluids containing hydrocarbons.

  • Safely manipulating chemicals and aggressive substances in the chemical industry.

  • Manufacturing beverages, confections, and other food items.

  • Pesticide and fertilizer application, along with irrigation systems.

  • Marine and automotive motors.

It is essential to choose the appropriate gear pump for your application. Considerations include flow rate, pressure requirements, fluid viscosity, and chemical compatibility. Consulting with professionals or reputable vendors can assist you in making an informed decision. Since it is not advisable to compromise on the quality of gear pumps, businesses in Dubai must purchase from reliable gear pump suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

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