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Product Details

HSD series servo drives can meet general requirements of machine buildings, automation controls with AC220V and AC380V power supply, and 0.2 ~ 132kW power rating. They satisfy customers with high performance and cost-effective features. Customized solutions according to different industries and applications can be supported by HNC Electric which could offer additional customer benefit in the field of industrial automation.

Advantages And Characteristics

Product Recommendation

1) Power rating: 0.2kW to 132 kW with AC220V and AC380V

power supply

2) Torque / Position / Speed control

3) Perfect static & dynamic performance, high stiffness

4) Rich I/O functions to match different applications

AC220V servo drive: HSD2

AC380V synchronous servo drive: HSV-180AD, HSD2000

AC380V aschynronous servo drive:HSV-180AS, HSD2000

AC380V spindle servo drive:HSV-180AS,

Advantages And Characteristics

1. Full range of PLCs for customers’ choice, 

including HCS/HCG/HCM/A1P/A2P/A8P/A2C/A8C

2. Controllable: 10~384 points 

3. Various expansion modules

4. Built-in communication ports and high-speed pulse output

5. Rich application instructions for different 


Product Recommendation

High performance models: HCS/HCG/HCM/A2P/A8P/A2C/A8C

Stand-alone models: A1P