Geared Motor

Gearmotors, also referred to as geared motors (a motor and gear-reducer together), are compact gear and motor sets that are used for applications where reduced speed is required. There are various types of motors and gearboxes coupled together as per customer application. These gear and motors are integral parts of induction motors, brake motors, single-phase motors, explosion-proof motors, and single and three-phase electric motors in the UAE. Different gearboxes are coupled with these motors, like worm and helical. These motors and gearboxes are removable for maintenance purposes. Customers can either change the motor or gearbox alone. Gearmotors serve as torque multipliers and speed reducers, reducing the amount of motor power required to propel a given load. The gear enclosure design, gearing type, gear lubrication, and mode of integration all impact the gear motor's performance and longevity.

What are Gear Pumps?

Gear pumps are a form of positive displacement pump that moves fluids through the meshing of gears. They comprise two gears that rotate in opposite directions: an outer driving gear and an inner driven gear. As the gears mesh, a sealed chamber captures and transfers fluid from the inlet to the outlet. This design provides consistent and accurate flow rates, making gear pumps ideal for applications in which precision and dependability are paramount.

A gear motor is a compact and effective combination of geared motors in the UAE. The gearbox is comprised of a set of gears that govern the motor's speed and torque output. By utilizing various gear ratios, gear motors can provide the precise control required for a variety of applications.

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The Versatility of Gear Motors

Industries such as manufacturing, robotics, automotive, agriculture, and others utilize gear motors. They are utilized in conveyor systems to facilitate the smooth movement of products, in industrial machinery for precise control, and in automotive applications to modify vehicle components.

Types of Gear Motors

There are two primary styles of gear motors: those with output or drive shafts that are oriented parallel or inline to the rotor shaft and those with output or drive shafts that are oriented at a 90° or right angle to the motor shaft.

Parallel Shaft Gearmotors (AC or DC)

Gear motors with parallel shafts are also known as "inline" gear motors. These gear motors reduce the speed of the motor (typically 1400, 2800, or 960 rpm) to between 0.4 and 550 rpm. These gear motors are particularly used for screw and conveyor applications. In general, parallel shaft gear motors are superior to right-angle worm gear motors in terms of output torque, efficiency, and backlash.

Inline or Planetary Gearmotors (PMDC or BLDC)

Planetary gear motors are integral gear motors, with the output shaft of the gearhead aligned with the motor shaft. A planetary gearhead consists of a motor pinion serving as the "sun" gear, a ring gear, and a planet carrier assembly containing between three and five planet gears. The output shaft is affixed to the output stage's planet carrier. Planetary gear motors provide greater torque and less backlash than parallel shaft (spur or helical gear) gear motors of comparable capacity.

Right-angle and hollow-shaft Gearmotors

The output shaft of a right-angle (or hollow shaft) gear motor is perpendicular to the motor shaft by 90 degrees. Right-angle gear motors manufactured today feature either worm gearing or hypoid gearing. Worm gearboxes are a tried-and-true, cost-effective option for applications requiring high-speed reductions in confined spaces with very smooth and silent operation. Hollow shaft right-angle gear motors can be installed in either the left- or right-hand direction and eliminate the need for sprockets, pulleys, and shaft couplings. Depending on their design and ratio, worm gears have an inherent ability to secure themselves. All right-angle worm gear motors are perpetually lubricated with a high-performance lubricant and feature bronze gears with a high shock load capacity. The worm gear is hardened and honed for durability and strength.

Compared to conventional worm-and-worm-gear right-angle gear motors, hollow shaft gear motors offer several advantages. Despite being more expensive to produce, hypoid gear motors are more efficient, generate less heat, offer greater torque, and are typically smaller than gear motors with worm-and-pinion reducers.

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